Case 1

he British customer William is now a very big customer of ours, and this customer is customizing their own suits. It includes a wide variety of products, high requirements for customization and complex process. Overcome numerous difficulties, meet customer requirements, and eventually become a continuous return customer. The following is about william’s procurement process. William came to the customer through the website. In his first order, he purchased 50 sets of samples to check the quality of the products and did not require customization. The quantity of products is small and there are many kinds, so we need more time and energy for quotation and procurement. However, we also carefully communicated with the customer about product requirements, quotation and procurement, and took photos for customer confirmation.
Customer received the sample the first 50 sets, such as customer purchase 300 sets of samples, to adjust the original part of the product, purchase some new products, this is the second order to this we want to customer size may be the case, not particularly big, but the customer has no size, we need every customer seriously reception, in the same process, quotation, purchasing, Take photos and videos to confirm with the customer. The second order of 300 sets was successfully delivered to the customer.
However, after the customer receives the second order, the purchase quantity is relatively large. The following two orders are 5000 sets. After these orders are sent out. The customer started to discuss the order of 17,000 sets with us. At this point William began to place orders continuously and has already placed orders for several cabinets